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Clinic Policies

The Office Visit

We encourage you to book separate visits for separate issues. Doing so allows the physician to be more thorough in treating the concern at hand. Two separate visits are more beneficial to you then one that is rushed. 

Urgent Visits/ Walk-In 

We provide same-day, walk-in & urgent care consultations to patients. 

Narcotics/ Triplicate Medications

We do not prescribe narcotics or triplicate medications to patients who are not under the care of one of our physicians.

Missed Appointments 

We understand at times you may be unable to attend your appointment but kindly request that you notify the clinic in advance so that other patients have the opportunity to schedule an appointment. More than 3 missed appointments without prior notification will result in dismissal from the practice. 

Wait times

We try to stay on schedule as much as possible. Sometimes an emergency may occur, and we ask for your patience should this happen. If you are waiting an unusually long time, please accept our apology and understand that we are doing the best we can to accommodate all patients. 

Test Results

All patients should make follow-up appointments to discuss results of any tests they have had.  Results are usually available 2 weeks after the test date. We will only contact you should we receive an abnormal result.

Referral to Specialists

If you have not been contacted regarding your consultation within 2 to 3 weeks, please call our office and we will follow up on the status of the referral. 

Returning Telephone Calls

It is difficult to return telephone calls during a busy office day. If you have an urgent concern or question, please contact our front desk. 

Prescribing Refills Over The Phone/ Fax

During an office visit you will be given a prescription for enough medication to last you until the next visit. Please plan ahead and make an appointment before your medication runs out.  We will honor pharmacy telephone & fax requests to refill prescriptions in urgent situations, but patients should not make this a routine request to their pharmacist. Ongoing use of prescription medications requires regular monitoring by your physician. 

Uninsured Services

Manitoba Health does not insure certain services such as filling out forms and administering travel vaccinations. A list of uninsured services and their associated fees is posted in the clinic and on this website.